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My name is Russell Grant

Emanating from a Military Fire Fighting background with a strong emphasis toward Crisis Management and RISK Control, the company has developed through a 30-year career into the 'company of choice' with respect to 'cost-effective' Health, Safety & Environmental Consultancy and Training provision.

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ACE Card - eObservation System

The system encourages and promotes an AWARENESS of workplace hazards that need to be considered, a development of the vital COMMUNICATION skills leading up to an ELIMINATION of risk, while simultaneously increasing the collective abilities of our teams to recognise developing hazards and set about mitigating controls. System users are able to record and highlight any observed safety concerns but are also encouraged to reflect examples of good safety practice while incorporating current technology and supporting the elimination of environmental impacting through the unnecessary production of hard copy paperback cards. ​

Additionally, the system has a further important benefit and that in the recognition of positive and safe behaviours and practices by your teams we further encourage a developing engagement when going about their daily business.


Use the system to endorse and recognise safe working standards, the mentored development of new arrivals and professional development of our teams...ultimately, everyone goes home to their families either holding the knowledge that they positively changed someone's life today, or that someone changed ours!  

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